Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle




Meghan Markle’s handwriting leans exceedingly rightward…she is very warm and approachable. Those graceful end strokes, flaring up and back disclose elegance and much charm. Her ‘i’ dots are quite exact revealing a precise, honest character. Interestingly, all of her oval letters are closed (at the top)…although she has the welcoming and friendly nature, she actually reveals little about her personal life, unless she is particularly close with her counterpart. Her writing pressure is surprisingly heavy, the Duchess of Sussex is no pushover, although loving, she administers a dominant personality.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise



Tom Cruise’s handwriting is very right slanted-plus his ovals are open at the top…He is a very warm, open and talkative personality—definitely relates to others…yet how? 
We start to write at the left and gradually proceed to the right; consequently, what remains on the left, what we have left behind, generally symbolizes our past (home), our infancy and childhood, and — because she was our home — our mother. It also indicates what we turn our back on: obscure, cloudy recesses of time; the sinister. The right, then, is the direction in which we all hasten and is therefore the common goal. There, on the right, is the future. The right side also stands for our father, and, in a woman’s script, for the husband and father of her children.

In the following sample:


The upstroke aims at going from a lower zone to a higher one. This initial diagonal stroke has been found to appear in the script of argumentative writers. Part of this meaning lies in the stroke’s slantedness. Since it comes from the emotional realm and heads into the conscious, it must be assumed that the writer wishes to air a problem of emotional origin. It is this origin that has earned the writer a reputation for being argumentative. We tend to be stubborn, excited, unwilling to listen, when our emotions are deeply involved. Starting from the lower zone a right-slanted upstroke therefore always indicates a rather irrational argumentativeness.
This style of writing is replete in Tom Cruise’s script (see arrows).
Tom Cruise’s very warm, open, talkative and argumentativeness often results into a controlling relationship. 


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez




Jennifer Lopez’s handwriting comprises under length loops that are disproportionately larger than the upper loops. This is commonly found in great dancers. She is very keen with details as both dots are directly above. Her optimism is genuine as the script rises as it proceeds. Her large signature betokens great self-worth.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Let’s look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as a couple:

image23 image21

Although Angelina’s handwriting is upright, indicating an independent personality, Brad’s leans slightly leftward. She is the one giving emotionally to him. In spite of their great charitable contributions, which are highly praiseworthy, Angelina caters to Brad’s needs…not the reverse.
His ‘he mannish’ strength and character attribute to this bond, as long as Angelina approves.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt



Brad Pitt’s handwriting contains only capital letters. People who write this way are uncomfortable about revealing their personal lives…expressing their emotions in public is rare. Because capitals do not connect between letters…this spells a dislike in relating to others on a personal level. Egotism is paramount. 
Many of the bars on the t’s and E’s veer upward…this indicates a desire to (constantly) better one’s state of affairs. The gestalt of the writing screams confidence and maturity. He’s strong, and intelligent.


Angelina Jolie graphology

Angelina Jolie



Angelina Jolie’s handwriting has end strokes that extend rightward. Her nature is to give to the other person. Her open oval letters (a, o) reflect an honest, open character. No starting strokes suggest that she is direct, straight to the point. Her small middle zone letters reveal a high level of intelligence and good concentration. Her long t bars show great determination and goal orientation. Her thinning out of letters betokens a diplomatic nature. Her upright script means reserve. Yes, she is honest and open, yet she only reveals what she wants the other person to know.

Will Smith

Will Smith


Will Smith’s handwriting spells rhythm. It’s easy and natural flow is musical. His generous, right extending end strokes display a sympathetic nature. He is bright and an easy person to get along with.