Melania Trump

Melania Trump




Melania Trump’s handwriting leans rightward, yet the majority of her oval letters (a, o, etc.) are closed at the top…these points indicate warmth mixed with non-revelation of self-that is, not sharing about her personal life.

Let’s compare President Trump’s signature and the First Lady’s:

melinia_note v2

Donald Trump’s signature is twice the size of Melania’s. She is and feels dwarfed. (In order for her to sign her name, she actually had to crash into his…He should have considered this and not have written that vertical letter so long). She is no match for him.

In this three page letter, she writes “Donald” four times. Each time admiration is illustrated; there are no indications of any negative feelings toward her husband. One may say from her perspective, because of who he is, it’s okay for Melania to take the back seat. Her under length letters (g’s and y’s) are noticeably long. She has a very sensuous approach. Yet these types of writing, President Trump’s upright-cool- signature and Melania’s rightward warmer script, reflects that she has the capacity to cater to his every whim, which pleases him.