Oprah Winfrey’s handwriting reveals an extremely warm and giving person…Her very right slant and rightward extending terminals testify to this. She feels great about herself-and she should! Her capital I’s (self-image) are relatively large compared to the rest of the writing. She is definitely a people’s person, her letters, words and lines are all closely knit. 

The way one signs his first name indicates what the writer thinks of himself. The way he signs his surname hints at his feeling toward his family particularly his father, since the surname does represent him. When both names are equal in size, he demonstrates an equal regard for himself as an individual and for his family. When there is a variation, the writer is portraying how he feels about his relationship with his family. (Correspondingly, a wife, when signing her first name and married last name, often demonstrates her opinion of her husband) 

It should be pointed out that this has nothing to do with love…it’s the regard the person has for oneself in relationship to the other person. Oprah’s first name is written considerably larger than Winfrey…an indication that her regard for self is higher than for Mr. Winfrey.