Donald Trump

Donald Trump



Donald Trump’s handwriting is distinctive.

We underline a word to draw the reader’s special attention to it.


Underlined words and phrases in personal notes are not often seen. Normally, if need be, the writer will phrase his sentences so that the stress quite naturally falls on a certain word; to underline it would seem to be an improper overemphasis that offends first his, then the addressee’s, taste. In fact, the habit of underlining words or phrases has always been associated with people who insist on their own opinions, whether or not they thereby offend anyone, and who are not only prepared but willing to fight anyone who is so imprudent as to contradict them. Such an irrational (and sometimes pathological) attitude is indicative of the choleric or irascible (or paranoiac) writer to whom almost every word (and the thought it stands for) is emotionally stressed and fraught with repressed and suppressed meanings, so that every doubt, even the mildest, or any counterproposal arouses in him all the resistance and emotional opposition he is able to muster.

Notice Donald Trump’s handwriting below:

The word “amazing” is underlined twice-with an added exclamation point.


His signature has piercing points throughout. President Trump’s handwriting, his ‘natural state,’ is one of combat. In negotiations, although his counterpart may believe that he is winning, Donald Trump’s signature, he, is in battle, will not tire and will exhaust his opponent. He is extremely motivated, gets things done-his own way-has no patience-except if he is in the limelight. He is a leader, in every sense of the word.