Graphology Analysis

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"I was shocked at how right Joel Engel was about the most suitable career for me. I really was interested in programming, but he gave the confidence to me to go ahead. I was puzzled how someone's handwriting would illustrate this, so I purchased the course…the lessons are very interesting and informative. It's quite amazing that this knowledge literally stems from how one writes.
Thank you for your guidance."

Thomas C.

"Joel Engel's analysis of my date's handwriting in comparison to my own proved extremely accurate. It gave me a lot of food for thought and helped me understand him better. Ultimately, the insights I gleaned from your analysis were instrumental in coming to the right decision for our future."

Olivia G.
New York

"Handwriting analysis has always interested me. My purpose of purchasing the course was for the basic knowledge. The course is well-written and I have learned much. Out of curiosity I sent my handwriting to Joel Engel and after receiving the first analysis became fascinated and as a result had many of my family and friend's handwriting analyzed by him. They were amazingly accurate and so interesting. One particular comment in my analysis was very helpful in understanding myself and would have helped in my life/career had I known years ago."


"I like the user friendly style of the program in the course. I especially enjoyed Joel Engel's ability to analyze my handwriting and to give over the information in a positive and caring way. "

David G.

"After purchasing Joel Engel's much anticipated, well-written course, I sent my writing in for an analysis and learned something new about myself that aides me presently. Thanks to Mr. Engel, I could finally understand and forgive my parents. His analysis is amazingly accurate and fascinating."


"Out of curiosity, I took 2 tests online that provide employment guidance. Strangely, they were opposite of each other in their evaluation of me and of their 'professional recommendations.' Each one was general and would probably apply to just about anyone. I sent my handwriting to Joel Engel for his assessment and I was thrilled with the pinpointing precision. The profession he suggested is genuinely what I wanted to hear from an outsider. It relates exactly to who I am and what I want to work at. Thank you"


"As a teacher, I've had many ups and downs the last few years. I wanted to either change my vocation or consider retiring. Having seen hundreds of students' handwritings and noticing their differences, it always seemed to me that it probably reflects some individuality.
I'm sure that subconsciously these factors pushed me to send my own scrawl for appraisal.
Joel Engel faultlessly described my character. Based upon the traits he observed he suggested a field that I truly enjoy-finally!"

Michelle R.
Boca Raton

"My parents were pressing me to major in accouting…I hate accounting, but since my brother is a very successful accountant, they were convinced I also would be. I wanted a personality evaluation and noticed that Mr. Engel's findings include job suitability.
I was very pleased with his character analysis and more importantly, the career path he chose for me. I love it! Thanks"

Springfield, IL